When an in-house accounting team is not plausible for your business, a controllership service can cover all the bases for a fraction of the price. With the Hutt Co.’s controllership services, you can focus on other aspects of your business and leave the finances to our expert team members.

Our financial accounting support includes establishing, customizing and maintaining routine accounting functions, including, but not limited to:

  • Assistance in planning and monitoring profit and cash flow
  • Preparation of monthly financial reports for management applications
  • Preparation of comprehensive financial statements including balance sheet, statement of earnings and cash flow statement
  • Financial projections and budgeting
  • Monthly bank reconciliation
  • Analysis of budget variances
  • Profit potential assessments of new products, services, and ventures
  • Assistance in review and analysis of financial operating performance

CPA Attestation Services

Our services enhance the quality of external financial reporting in a professional manner consistent with generally accepted accounting principles. Preparation of financial statements in association with a reputable CPA practice like The Hutt Co. lends credibility to the financial representations and disclosures contained therein.

Through the auspices of HuttCo CPA Services, LLC, we can offer to issue your financial statements with an accompanying a CPA report in the form of a Compilation or Review.

A CPA Compilation is a presentation of a basic set of financial statements using the financial data provided by your company. Unlike a Review or an Audit, this type of CPA reporting provides no assurances. There are no tests performed nor procedures associated with the review internal controls.

A CPA Review is a CPA service involving analytical procedures, inquiries, and other work designed to obtain “limited assurance” regarding the financial statements. Unlike a Compilation, a Review is intended to provide the user with a level of comfort on the reliability of the financial statements.

Financial Statement Compilations

A financial statement compilation serves to present information in a professionally acceptable form and substance in accordance with general accepted accounting principles. It does not constitute an audit or review, and accordingly, it does not provide any degree of assurance.