Small and mid-sized businesses face a variety of challenges as they begin to scale and grow. Every organization is different and deserves a tailored, individualized plan for creating something that lasts.

The experienced professionals at The Hutt Co. provide a wide array of financial and management business services to our small and mid-sized business clients. We bring the firm’s many areas of expertise together in comprehensive engagements to take advantage of business opportunities, solve business challenges and increase business profitability.

CFO Services

For a seasoned business owner, entrepreneur or real estate investor, our CFO service is designed to help you best utilize financial information to grow your bottom line, improve cash flow and strengthen financial management overall. As a CFO services client we will work closely with you sharing in depth insights and possible solutions tailored to your business’ financial DNA. we work with you to monitor operations through the lens of industry specific ratios, breakeven analysis, cash flow assessments, consideration of financing alternatives, and other methods Priorities may be systems selection and modification. With an eye on enhancing liquidity and profitable results, strategic financial planning is another key benefit of our CFO client service model.

Assistance with internal cash flow budgeting and forecasting is another central feature of the CFO Service package. In sync with strategic preparation, we provide guidance from a financial management perspective. CFO clients benefit from an outside, objective, and professional sounding board that helps filter and assess business opportunities, challenges, and threats. When mapping a path forward, we are there to subject key assumptions to “what if” stress testing. This serves to highlight inherent strengths, weaknesses, and risks. Over time our CFO team will become your “go to” regarding important business decisions especially when significant investments in equipment, growth, staffing, and infrastructure.

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